For the Kazakh people horse is an integral part of being at all times. In the past - it is a means of transportation and warfare, the main part in the upbringing of courage and skill of men. Many national games were associated with the direct participation of horses. Finally, it is the source of livelihood. Horses shared with the people all the hardships and joys of life, being indispensable and reliable support. In our time - it is a symbol of prosperity, the consistency and the ability to express themselves in the development and promotion of equestrian sport, as well as transmit to future generations the traditions of our ancestors. 
But at all times - it is the subject of love and inspiration, the ability to touch the beauty.
Along the ancient spaces of today's Kazakhstan, destructive waves of gains of Saks warriors swept – Saks warriors who made rapid inroads into the tribes living around. And in many ways that our area is so big, we are obliged first of all to our ancestors, who were constantly nomadic due to horses.
War Horse was a loyal friend, an assistant in the campaigns, savior in battles and the part of the Batyr’s soul. And especially were appreciated slender, graceful, independent and tireless - Akhal-Teke argamaks. And there was no one in the battle reliable, smarter and faster than the Nyse horses. Like a light bird they smuggle their riders over gulf of deadly dangers, engaging in battle along with people. Many legends are composed about the loyalty and steadfastness of Akhal-Teke, a lot of myths surrounding these unique and extraordinary horses. The oldest of known breeds, the most mysterious and stunningly beautiful the breed of Akhal-Teke continues to surprise by its versatility and originality, like a beautiful masterpiece of nature.
Around the world there are existing and developing horse farms, which grow the breed of Akhal-Teke, and one of them is located in Kazakhstan.
Saks-stable is young, promising breeding farm, gathering under one roof the galaxy of great representatives the breed of Akhal-Teke, which formed the basis of the breeding stock. The purpose of the Saks-stable is the creation of purebred Akhal-Teke horses of progressive lines, of distinct breed type, correct conformation, big growth, strong, hardy, with good athletic ability, which will continue to glorify the breed at breed rings and sports arenas.